My Story

Patrice Geyen

The reference to sewing with a high needle is a Norwegian slang term for someone who is “hoity-toity”.  Using a lot of thread means you have to bring your arm up high to take the next stitch – “a high needle”.  But the thread length often tangles so the conservative sewer doesn’t take this risk.  Me, I have always sewn with a “high-needle”.  It started with learning to embroider at a young age and I was too lazy to continually add more floss – my mom had to constantly untangle knots for me.   It has continued with my bead-weaving and wire-working – not because I think I’m that good, but because I don’t want to take the time to add more material!

I’ve always loved to create, whether in needlework, mosaic tile, or through nature’s palette in my gardens.  I was brought up in a family with a strong Scandinavian heritage and learned many different crafts (if one didn’t have at least three simultaneous projects in different medias in my family, Uffda, you weren’t “an Utne”!).  This Norwegian – and some Swedish –  influence has evolved into Viking Knit, Sami designs, the Yggdrasil Tree of Life pendant from Norse mythology, pendants of various Nordic runes, and Bunad designs in loom weaving.

I was a History major, especially gravitating towards European history which is expressed in timeless classics and Renaissance period pieces where pearls and semi-precious gemstones are predominant.

My love of designing and creating jewelry began a little more than ten years ago when I received unused beads from family and found my “ah-hah” moment.  I’m mostly self-taught and have discovered how therapeutic and satisfying it is to design, create, and finally hold a finished piece in my hands.  Since I work from home, after a long day in my corporate job I merely need to walk a few feet to the other end of my office – my studio – and my fun job!

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