Graduated Gemstone Collar

Graduated gemstone composite collar


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These striking collars are made of graduated sizes of gemstone composites.  Composites are made by fusing stone fragments using heat, pressure and a stabilizing agent or resin. The stone fragments remain clearly visible, creating fascinating patterns. Composite beads may also be called “mosaic beads” because of the visible fragments. The stone used to create composite beads is usually the remnants from cutting, making them a great way to incorporate upcycled elements in designs and the resulting shapes are much lighter than stones.

These collars are finished with a lobster clasp and extension chain to allow flexibility for length.

Excludes MN sales tax

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 16 in

Turquoise/Bronzite, Malachite/Bronzite, Lapis Lazuli/Bronzite, Purple Impression Jasper/Bronzite

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